Ref: 5201 / LA29285

Antique Clock with 8 Day Movement and Enamelled Surround 1905

$2,308 – €2,166


This is a very pretty silver enamelled clock in perfect condition. The front of the clock case is enamelled with a spray of violets which surround the clock face. The clock is hallmarked for Birmingham 1905, but the mark is rubbed. The retailer’s name on the dial is Russells of Liverpool.


The clock has an 8 day movement and is in working condition. The dial is in enamel and slightly crazed in places.


Diamonds4you has clarified that the clock with 8 day movement with enamelled surround (5201 / LA29285) is antique and it’s date/period of manufacture is 1905.

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Period : Early 20th Century, Edwardian (1901-1910), 20th Century

Material : Enamel